How To Maximize The Space In Your Small Bathroom

14 July 2020
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A small bathroom is an inconvenience, but you shouldn't let low-square footage get in the way of your bathroom use. There are tips and tricks you can use to ensure the square footage is merely a number.  Pedestal Sink A pedestal sink comprises of two parts: a vertical pedestal on top of which the lavatory (the part that collects water) sits. A pedestal sink makes sense since it's only the water and the basin — nothing else.
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When You Need An Emergency Plumber

9 July 2020
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No one wants to deal with a plumbing emergency, but when an emergency happens in the middle of the night, dealing with it yourself can feel like an insurmountable task. At times like these, calling a 24-hour emergency plumber is a relief. These plumbing professionals are available at all hours to help with absolute plumbing emergencies. If you aren't sure if your plumbing situation is worth waking up a 24-hour plumber, here are some of the most common plumbing emergencies that require prompt professional services.
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Why Your Pipes Are Making Strange Noises

30 June 2020
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Have you noticed noises from your pipes when you turn on your water? Noisy pipes annoy some homeowners, and others may dismiss the issue as an awkward yet common occurrence. In a well-maintained plumbing system, noisy pipes are not common. This is why it is important to ensure that you determine the reason why your pipes are making noise. Individuals who ignore the issue may eventually get used to hearing the noises.
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Common Issues With Ductless AC Systems

5 June 2020
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Ductless AC systems, also called mini-split systems, are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of installation and efficient cooling. Although these air conditioning systems work well, they are not completely immune to breaking down. Know the common issues that can affect a ductless AC so you can spot problems early. Refrigerant & Condensate Leaks The air handler inside your home is connected to the compressor outside of your home via a power cord, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line (the line that transports condensation outside to drain safely away from your home).
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Five Septic Maintenance Issues And How To Handle Them

22 May 2020
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You depend on your septic system to process the waste that your home produces. Yet, a few mistakes can lead to problems with your septic system. The following are a few issues that will lead to the need for pumping or a repair. 1. Flushing Everything Not everything that is labeled as flushable should go down the drain. Diapers, wipes, and hygiene products should never be put into your septic system.
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