Why Is My Well Not Pumping Water?

Why Is My Well Not Pumping Water?

Why Is My Well Not Pumping Water?

27 October 2020
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One of the best parts about living in a rural environment is the peace and quiet that comes from being truly on your own. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this is the lack of access to city services, such as sewer and water. If you live out in the country, most likely you have a septic system that needs to be maintained properly, along with a well that can give you problems from time to time.

One of the problems that you might experience regularly is turning on the water and finding that there appears no water from your well. If this is the case, check out the solutions listed below to see if any of them apply to you, and contact a plumber if you need any kind of service.

Have You Used a Lot of Water Recently?

Well pumps near the bottom of the well operate by bringing up a little bit of water at a time, but they need time to fully replenish in order to keep delivering water. If you run several loads of laundry, or have had house guests that are using more of your home's water supply via showers and toilets, then you might need to shut off the pump for a few hours and let the water replenish. This is a normal usage issue, but something to keep in mind if you don't see any water coming from your well.

Is the Power On?

It may sound simplistic, but more than one person has called a plumber to work on their well because they see no water from the well at all, when the problem is as simple as flipping a switch. However, this can become disconnected for any number of reasons, and can even stop working completely as a result of the electrical storm or power surge, so it's a good idea to have it looked at by a professional to see if there are any other issues. Still, check to make sure that there's power going to your pump before you call a professional.

Is Your Water Filter Clogged?

Along with your air filter, your home's water filtration system needs to be checked and maintained regularly to ensure that water can actually pass through its surface. If it's clogged, the restricted water flow will not allow water of any amount to travel through your pipes. It can even cause a full filtration system failure. To test this, simply put your water filtration system to bypass mode and see if that solves your issue. If it does, then you know that the problem has to do with your filter.

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