Outdoor Plumbing Problems: 3 Signs Your Underground Pipes Have Sprung A Leak

Outdoor Plumbing Problems: 3 Signs Your Underground Pipes Have Sprung A Leak

Outdoor Plumbing Problems: 3 Signs Your Underground Pipes Have Sprung A Leak

23 April 2021
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While frozen pipes are typically thought of as a winter-only plumbing problem, the truth is that the damage caused by frozen pipes can often go undetected until the spring season arrives and these pipes are able to thaw fully. This is because a partially frozen pipe will still allow some water to pass. Consequently, the homeowner may not notice a change in the water flow. The problem is that the expanding and contracting of the pipe caused by the freezing and thawing process can often lead to leaking pipes. In the case of pipes that are located underground, detecting these leaks can be a bit tricky. Thankfully there are a few signs that you can look for which will alert you to the need to call on a professional plumbing contractor to further investigate the possibility of a leaking underground pipe.

Standing Water Or Muddy Puddles

This sign can be a bit difficult to detect at times since the spring season tends to bring with it rather wet weather conditions. However, if it has been a day or two since it last rained and you are still seeing signs of excess groundwater in isolated areas of your yard, this can be a sign that your pipes are leaking and you are in need of a plumber. Standing water, muddy puddles, and soft or loose soil can all point to excess groundwater, so be sure to get out and walk around your property when looking for this warning sign since you will often be able to feel the moisture under your feet much easier than you will be able to spot it visually. 

A Drop In Water Pressure

While some water will still make its way into your home, the amount of water that can be delivered at once will continually decrease as the leak in your pipe gets worse. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure throughout your home, this will often indicate a leaky pipe and warrants a call to a local plumbing contractor. However, if the drop in pressure seems to be localized to just one faucet in your home, you are more likely dealing with mineral deposits in the faucet itself than with a leaky pipe. In this case, you may want to try cleaning or replacing the offending faucet before you decide to call in a plumber. 

Exceptionally Green Grass In Isolated Areas

While you are bound to see a lot of new growth around your yard throughout the spring season, you should take notice of any areas of your yard that seem to be exceptionally green. If you are seeing spots of grass that are much greener than the areas surrounding it, this can be a good indication that there is a water pipe leaking in this area.   

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