Repairing The Common Problems Water Heaters Can Experience

Repairing The Common Problems Water Heaters Can Experience

Repairing The Common Problems Water Heaters Can Experience

15 April 2021
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Issues that are able to impact your home's water heater can be some of the more serious plumbing problems that you can encounter. If these problems are not repaired, your home can suffer disruptions and even extensive water damage as a result.

Heating Failures

To be able to warm the large amounts of water that enter the system, your water heater will need to be able to generate very large amounts of heat. For electric water heaters, this will be done with an assortment of heating elements inside the system that will be able to warm the water. Gas and oil water heaters will use burners that will ignite the oil or gas to produce the needed heat. A common source of heating problems for oil and gas systems can be a burner that has clogs in the fuel line or the air intake as these can both significantly reduce the amount of heat that the system can produce.

Low Pressure

Ideally, your hot water will have the same amount of pressure as the cold water. A noticeable difference in the pressure that you are getting from the hot water can indicate that the water heater may have a clog in it. This clog could significantly reduce the amount of water that the system can release, which can reduce the water pressure in your home. Unfortunately, these clogs will have a tendency to worsen, which can eventually result in your system being unable to provide any hot water. Failing to clean the water heater's interior can be a common cause for these clogs to form as sediment from the water will start to accumulate in the bottom of the water heater.

Extensive Corrosion

Water heaters are often placed in basements or other areas of the home where the moisture level can be relatively high. This can increase the risk of the exterior of the water heater becoming severely corroded. This can be a problem that may be able to cause the system to develop a leak that could spill large amounts of water. Inspecting and removing any corrosion from the water heater's exterior can minimize these risks. The interior of your water will be treated to make it extremely resistant to corrosion, but this is a problem that can develop in systems that are many years old. If you notice rust flakes in your water or the hot water having a red color, your system's interior may be corroded, which could lead to the entire system needing to be replaced.

Reach out to a water heater repair professional for more information. 

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