2 Signs That Your Home's Main Sewer Line Needs Replacing

2 Signs That Your Home's Main Sewer Line Needs Replacing

2 Signs That Your Home's Main Sewer Line Needs Replacing

1 March 2021
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Lately, you may have noticed a faint, foul smell coming from your home's sinks as they gurgle while they drain. If this issue is happening in every room of your house, the most likely culprit is a damaged main sewer line. 

While some damage is repairable, other types of damage such as extensive cracks or broken-off pieces make it necessary to replace the entire line. While it can be difficult to ascertain if this is necessary without digging into the ground, there are a couple of signs for which you can look.

1.  Large, Foul-Smelling Puddles in Your Yard

One sign that you may need to have your home's main sewer line replaced is the presence of large, foul-smelling puddles in your yard. Or, even if you do not see standing water, the ground will be soggy enough to cause water to splash on your feet as you step on it.

When there are large cracks or missing pieces of the line, the sewage that is normally contained within it will seep out into the soil around it. If the damage is severe, a large area in your yard will have sewage in and on top of the ground.

One way that you can determine if the excess water is coming from the sewer line is to flush the toilet while someone stands in the yard. They may see bubbles on the surface as more sewage spews out of the line.

2.  Long, Straight Indentation Running Toward Your House

Another sign that there is a serious issue with your home's main sewer line is when you notice a long, straight indentation that seems to be running toward or away from your house. Look for this indentation in the area where the ground is saturated.

As the sewage flows out of the line, it will soften the soil around it. Eventually, the weight of the dirt and grass will create a small cave-in above the sewage line.

If you have noticed the above signs alongside such issues as bubbling drains and sewer smells in your house, the main sewer line may have suffered a catastrophic failure. If this is the case, it will need to be inspected by a professional to determine whether you need to have it replaced. Contact a plumber who offers sewer line replacement services near you so that they can address the signs that you have been noticing.

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