Five Reasons Your Restaurant Needs An On-Call Plumber

Five Reasons Your Restaurant Needs An On-Call Plumber

Five Reasons Your Restaurant Needs An On-Call Plumber

18 February 2021
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Plumbing issues can shut down a restaurant if they aren't tended quickly, so every restaurant owner should have a commercial plumber on call. This means interviewing and selecting a plumbing service in advance so you can get help immediately if a plumbing emergency happens. The following are just a few of the things your plumber can help with.

1. Installation and Upgrades

Whether you are installing a dishwasher, a new water heater, or a gas stove, a plumber is the one to call. Plumbers can handle the installation of any water-using appliance or fixture, as well as gas appliances. They can also help you upgrade your current systems, whether this means rerouting water lines or installing additional fixtures or drains.

2. Basic Repairs

The appliances, water lines, and drains in your commercial kitchen get heavy use. Dishwashers break down and drains become hopelessly clogged, often at the busiest time when you just can't deal with the problem. Whether you have a cooler drain that is blocked and flooding the walk-in, a broken down dishwasher, or an overflowing mop sink, a commercial plumber has the tools and knowledge to fix the problem quickly so you can worry about the dinner rush. 

3. Gas Service Maintenance

Most plumbers are also trained and qualified to work on gas appliances, which is the most common choice for cooktops and ovens in a commercial kitchen. Your water heater and even the furnace may be gas, so it makes sense to choose a commercial plumber qualified to service these appliances as well as your drains and pipes. Your plumber will be able to perform everything from routine maintenance to repairs, ensuring a breakdown doesn't force you to close your doors for the day.

4. Restroom Problems

Whether it's the customer-facing restrooms or the employee washroom, sewage backups and non-functioning toilets can have a major impact on your business. Not only is there the inconvenience, but there are also foul odors and health concerns associated with a backup. An on-call commercial plumber can fix issues promptly so that disaster doesn't occur. They can also help you implement protocols to cut down on restroom problems, such as performing regular drain cleanings.

5. Grease Trap Service

Nearly every restaurant has a grease trap to help keep fats and oils from entering the main drain and clogging up the system. The grease trap needs to be emptied periodically, but it also may need to be repaired and serviced if it becomes clogged or malfunctions. The last thing you need is an overflowing main drain and grease trap, so make sure the plumber you choose provides grease trap services.

Contact a commercial plumber today for more information.

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