The Benefits Of Switching To A Tankless Water Heater

The Benefits Of Switching To A Tankless Water Heater

The Benefits Of Switching To A Tankless Water Heater

27 January 2021
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If you own a home, and you use a canister-style water heater inside of your structure for heating of water, you may have considered switching to a tankless option. Here are benefits to be obtained with the installation of this type of water heater.

Your Hot Water Will Not Run Out

You undoubtedly had a few incidents occur where you had used all the hot water in your water heater. Since a tank water heater only heats up the water enclosed from within, you need to wait for a new batch of water to heat up after you empty the hot water supply available. A tankless water heater, however, heats the water at the point of contact in the unit, giving you the opportunity for an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it.

The Worry About Flooding Disappears

A tankless water heater has no tank involved for the holding of a water supply. Because of this, there is no way that water will leak out of a unit, causing damage to your home's interior in the process. There is also no worry about a rupture occurring, which could cause injury to someone in the area or damage to items nearby.

Tankless Options Are Extremely Efficient

With a tank-style water heater, there is emitted heat loss that occurs simply because of the construction of the tank and the surrounding atmosphere. With a tankless option, efficiency is greater. No heat loss occurs. The amount of electricity you use to heat your water supply is limited to the length of time the hot water is used, rather than having to keep a tank electrically charged at all times to provide hot water when it is needed. The amount of your water bill will also reduce with the use of a tankless heater.

Space Is Not A Concern

Most people keep tank water heaters in their basements. A tank heater takes up quite a bit of space and may require a raised platform to keep it safe and near the components necessary for it to work properly. A tankless water heater, however, is small and does not take nearly as much space. It is installed on a wall, under a cabinet, or in a closet rather than being right out in the open, where it is not aesthetically pleasing to those that view it. Tankless water heaters are great options for those with smaller homes or for homeowners that want to get the most out of their available floor space.

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