Five Bad Habits That Are Clogging Your Floor Drain

Five Bad Habits That Are Clogging Your Floor Drain

Five Bad Habits That Are Clogging Your Floor Drain

11 January 2021
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Many homes have floor drains. Bathrooms, garages, and basements are common areas where these drains are found. Since the floor drain empties right into the home's main drain, clogs can be severe. 

1. Bad Sweeping Techniques

When a room has a floor drain, the rest of the floor likely angles down toward it. Many people tend to sweep and mop toward the drain unconsciously, which can lead to more debris ending up in the drain rather than in the dustpan. To avoid putting debris into the drain where it can cause a clog, change up your sweeping habits. Begin each sweeping session at the drain, and then sweep everything away from the drain so as little debris goes into the drain as possible. 

2. Inadequate Pet Hair Management

Pets may be our best friends, but they shed a lot of hair that isn't friendly toward the drain. If your pets spend a lot of time in a room with a floor drain, you will need to take some precautions to make sure hairballs, food, and toys don't end up down the drain. For one, place food bowls well away from floor drains. Second, sweep daily to ensure pet hair doesn't accumulate. Finally, consider placing a small raised cover or drain cage over the drain so your pets don't sleep or play right on top of the drain.

3. Lack of Drain Protection

Every floor drain in your house should be covered with a screen to keep out as much hair and debris as possible. If you have issues with small debris, then use a screen with a tight weave mesh. You may also need to use a solid cover at times, such as if you do activities in the room that generates a lot of dust or debris. These solid covers should only be used for short periods as they can interfere with the proper venting of the drain.

4. Poor Appliance Maintenance

Floor drains are often used in rooms where there are other appliances, such as sinks and tubs, toilets, washing machines, or water heaters. If these appliances aren't properly maintained, they can become clogged or overflow, which can overwhelm your floor drain system. Make sure that items aren't put down neighboring drains, such as sink or toilet, that can cause clogs. 

5. Messy Shop Habits

If you have a floor drain in a work area, such as a shop or garage, make sure messy shop habits don't clog the drain. Sawdust, for example, can easily compact in a drain if it isn't swept and vacuumed up daily. In garages, items like oil or paint spills can lead to floor drain issues. 

If your floor drain is giving you issues, it is time to bring in a professional drain cleaning service to handle the problem once and for all. 

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