Choose A Multi-Functional Island For Meal Prep And Cooking Requirements

Choose A Multi-Functional Island For Meal Prep And Cooking Requirements

Choose A Multi-Functional Island For Meal Prep And Cooking Requirements

28 November 2020
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A multi-functional island that includes a sink, a countertop, and stovetop burners will condense your meal prep and cooking duties into one area that will allow for easy monitoring and the option of cleaning as you go. With this type of setup, plumbing will need to be installed inside of the island and underneath the flooring. Consult with a kitchen remodeling contractor about the project that you have in mind so that you receive an overview on some plumbing systems and island types that will be adequate for your project idea.

An Air Or Vented System

The sewer gases that are released when water goes down a sink's drain will need to be blocked from entering your kitchen. An air system consists of a valve opening when water is running and this type of system is often used in kitchen island setups that contain a single water source.

If you are seeking a large island that will contain a trash compactor, a dishwasher, and a sink, you may be directed to choose a vented system. This type of system can block sewer gases that are associated with multiple water sources and can be installed within the island's cabinetry and under the flooring. The plumbing that is necessary for a sink or an appliance to operate will be coming directly from the main water line.

A plumber will seek a direct route that runs between the original plumbing and the new island. During the renovation, flooring will be torn up, which will allow access to the areas where pipes need to be laid. If your kitchen floor is old and you have already been considering an upgrade, choose a new type of floor covering that will be complementary to the island that you choose.

A Basic Or Custom Design

The new island can be a basic model that is sold through a retailer and that contains a few components that will make it convenient to prep and cook meals. You also have the option of choosing a unique model, which may contain custom cabinetry, a specific color of paint, tiling, and chrome or nickel-plated plumbing fixtures.

Consider the amount of storage that you will need and choose an island that contains an upper level that will support the storage of cookware, dishes, and dry ingredients. Since there will be plumbing located in parts of the island's interior, you may be limited when choosing lower cabinetry that will be large enough for storage purposes. 

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