You Might Need a New Water Heater If Any of These Happen

You Might Need a New Water Heater If Any of These Happen

You Might Need a New Water Heater If Any of These Happen

9 November 2020
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Water heaters are among the most appreciated appliances in modern-day homes. It is easy to get used to having access to hot water. This is why some homeowners do not think about the convenience it offers until their water heater gives them problems. You may not be aware that your water heater requires maintenance like other appliances in your home. Maintenance is designed to detect developing problems and to extend the lifespan of appliances. In the case of water heaters, routine maintenance involves inspecting the units and flushing them. Flushing removes potentially damaging minerals from water heater tanks and can prevent premature replacement needs. Sediment build-up in water heater tanks is a contributing factor to corrosion. Rust is easily identifiable in most cases. However, there are other signs that a new water heater may be needed. Continue reading to learn about three of those tell-tale signs.

Temperature Fluctuations

The water in your hot water tank should remain at a consistent temperature. If you notice fluctuations, it is likely due to a failing anode rod. This important component of water heaters is involved in the heating process. Its performance can deteriorate and require replacement due to age or corrosion. Premature corrosion is usually attributed to sediment build-up. These fluctuations can lead to serious issues such as a burst water heater. They can also lead to damage elsewhere in the plumbing system. In extreme cases, the fluctuations are not subtle. They may appear abruptly. The water may be warm in a shower and abruptly get cold. 

Unexplainable Rises in Energy and Water Bill Costs

If your water usage habits are the same but you notice that your water and energy bill costs are rising, a faulty water heater might be the culprit. This situation can be best remedied by a plumber who can inspect your plumbing system to ensure that a water leak is not present. The inspection will also include an assessment of your water heater. If the unit is aged, a recommendation to replace it might be made. The appliance might be overworking itself and not performing in an efficient manner causing the energy bills to rise. Increased water usage might be from members of your household using more water by trying to get the ideal temperature to flow.

Running Out of Hot Water Frequently

This is often an issue with a water heater being too small to accommodate the needs of occupants in a home. The water heater may not be damaged, but the size may cause inconveniences. Homeowners can opt to monitor their hot water-related activities and not do too much during the same time frame. They may also opt to upgrade to a larger water heater or explore tankless water heater options.

If you need help with a water heater installation, contact a plumber in your area.

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