2 Signs Your Home's Natural Gas Line Is Damaged And Needs Replacing

2 Signs Your Home's Natural Gas Line Is Damaged And Needs Replacing

2 Signs Your Home's Natural Gas Line Is Damaged And Needs Replacing

8 September 2020
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Every once in a while, you may believe that you catch of whiff of natural gas while you are out in your yard. While it is always possible that the odor is caused by other sources, there is a chance that you are smelling a leak from your home's main gas line. If you suspect that this is the case, look for the following signs that the line is damaged and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

1. Gas Appliances Are Making Strange Noises During Use

One sign that your home's gas line has sustained damaged and is leaking gas is that your gas appliances have started making odd noises. Whenever you turn on a burner on your stovetop, you may hear a popping or gurgling sound.

Along with the strange noise, you may also find that the burner either takes longer to light or has trouble maintaining a full flame. These odd noises and flame behavior could indicate that there is a crack or hole in the gas line.

If the line is damaged, air can enter into it and mix in with the gas. Because the air interrupts the flow of the gas, you may hear your appliances struggle as they attempt to pull up the gas that is past any pockets of air. 

2. Plants Growing over the Gas Line's Path Are Inexplicably Dying 

Another sign that your gas line is damaged and leaking can be found by looking at the plants growing in your yard above and around the path of the line. As you probably know, natural gas can cause asphyxiation if you breathe it in for too long. The same result happens when plants are exposed to it.

If you notice areas where flowers, bushes, or even trees seem to be turning dark or even dying, look to see if there is a straight-line pattern. If you do see such a pattern, try to ascertain where the gas line is located. There is a good chance that gas is leaking out of the pipe, seeping through the soil, and poisoning the plants.

If you have noticed the signs discussed above, there is a strong possibility that your home's main gas line is leaking. Because of its flammability and health risks, do not put off calling in a professional. Contact a plumber who offers gas line services to have them inspect the damaged line and replace it with a new one immediately.

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