How Does Hydrojetting Work?

How Does Hydrojetting Work?

How Does Hydrojetting Work?

31 August 2020
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Do you have a clog in your sewer line that is causing problems and you need to get it fixed? You local plumber may suggest hydrojetting as a way to get the clog out of there. Here is how hydrojetting works if you are unfamiliar with the process.

Opening The Sewer Cleanout

Hydrojetting works in a very similar way to sewer snaking, which starts by locating the main cleanout opening on the outside of your home. This is typically a pipe near your home that is capped, which will need to be unscrewed to allow access to your main sewer line that leads to the city sewer system.

Inspecting The Clog

It is common to take a look at what is happening inside the sewer line by using a sewer camera. The plumber will feed the camera down the drain line and find out where the clog is and what is causing it. They'll also look at the quality of the sewer line and if it is capable of handling hydrojetting. For example, if there is an older ceramic drain tile used beneath your yard, they may decide to use a standard sewer snake to avoid causing damage to the exterior of the pipe

Selecting The Right Hydrojetting Nozzle 

There are several high pressure nozzles that your plumber can use to get the drain unclogged. These tips spray water both forward and backward since the hose is designed to propel itself forward by using the backward facing jets. There are different nozzles that accomplish different tasks, and since the plumber has seen inside your pipes with a sewer camera, they'll know which one is best for the job. 

For example, if there is a tough clog with tree roots, the plumber may need to select a nozzle that is more forceful and will cut through those tough tree roots. If the pipe has scale buildup around the walls of the pipe, they may use a nozzle that is going to clean off the debris with a wider spray that is less powerful. If the pipe looks like it could be damaged, they could start off with the lowest pressure nozzle and see how it performs.

With the correct nozzle selected, it is just a matter of moving the flexible tube through the drain until they clear out the clog with the high water pressure. The plumber may start with a high pressure nozzle that is designed to cut through debris and then follow it up with a nozzle that will clear the exterior walls of the pipe. 

Reach out to a professional to learn more about hydrojet pipe cleaning.

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