How Can You Tell That Your Water Pipes Are Worn Out

How Can You Tell That Your Water Pipes Are Worn Out

How Can You Tell That Your Water Pipes Are Worn Out

20 August 2020
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While plumbing pipes are designed to last for years, you can experience issues like corrosion and leaks later on. Such problems will cost you money if they aren't addressed right away. Most people forget about their plumbing pipes after installation and only check them out when a problem occurs, which is wrong. Repairing or replacing burst pipes is messy and costly, and that's why it's advisable to identify piping issues in advance so you can get a plumber right away. Here are some ways you can tell that your pipes are worn out.

1. Low water pressure

Have you lived in your house for several decades, and you are noticing that the water pressure is reducing by the day? Low water pressure in old homes indicates that it's time to replace the plumbing system. Over the years, the pipes can get corroded or clogged, making it difficult for the water to flow at the usual high pressure. Replacing such a system is usually better than cleaning the pipes since the plumbing is too old. You might invest more in the replacement project, but you'll save money in the long run.

2. Staining

Another problem you will notice if your piping system is getting worn out is staining. These stains are normally found under the sink, or on the walls. For instance, you can check the ceiling of the rooms under the second floor to see if you'll notice discoloration on the walls. If there are some stains, you should call your plumber — you likely have a leaking issue. Also, consider checking the walls that are next to the bathroom to see if there are traces of warping. The more detailed you are in your survey, the easier it will be to make an informed decision. Be sure to hire a plumber to do the assessment on your behalf if you cannot do it yourself.

3. Water discoloration

You require clean water to perform different household tasks. But, what if the water that's coming out of the taps is discolored? Odd water color usually indicates that the water pipes are rusty. The corrosion changes the water taste and causes it to harden. Using hard water to perform your usual household tasks will be impractical since it's difficult to rinse the soap out of the dishes, floor, or clothes. You also can't take a shower with discolored water. It's advisable to contact a plumber to confirm if your pipes are rusty or simply need to clean your tank.

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