Why Your Pipes Are Making Strange Noises

Why Your Pipes Are Making Strange Noises

Why Your Pipes Are Making Strange Noises

30 June 2020
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Have you noticed noises from your pipes when you turn on your water? Noisy pipes annoy some homeowners, and others may dismiss the issue as an awkward yet common occurrence. In a well-maintained plumbing system, noisy pipes are not common. This is why it is important to ensure that you determine the reason why your pipes are making noise.

Individuals who ignore the issue may eventually get used to hearing the noises. This can result in plumbing damage depending on what is causing the noises. The following points will help you identify some noises that pipes may make and what they could mean.


Plumbing systems are made of a variety of parts. Even the smallest of parts can cause issues if they need to get replaced. Malfunctioned parts that do not get replaced may eventually lead to water leaks. This is why you need to get a plumbing inspection if you notice whistling sounds. The sounds are caused by water passing through deteriorating areas. Inspections can locate the affected area, and the weak areas can get repairs. This will likely be an easier and cheaper fix than a water leak or burst pipe. 


This sound can occur when the pressure within pipes is too high. It can also happen when pipes are not secure. A professional can correct this issue by ensuring that air in the plumbing system is removed, which should regulate the pressure. The banging, in this case, occurs when the unsteady pipes make contact with nearby surfaces. This can get remedied by securing the pipes. 


Vibrations and humming sounds are also indicative of pressure issues. If releasing air from your plumbing system does not correct pressure issues, your plumbing system might need amendments to ensure that the pressure does not get too high in the pipes. High pressure in the pipes may lead to a worse issue than a leak. The pipes might burst, which will release a massive amount of water. 


This sound may be produced when you turn on your hot water. As the hot water passes through the pipes, it can cause the expansion of the pipes to occur. The scraping sound is the result of the expansion placing strain on the components of the pipes. Some households have their water heaters set higher than necessary. You could attempt to remedy this issue by adjusting the temperature on your water heater. If the scraping sound continues, you will need a professional solution.

A plumbing contractor is a good resource to use to ensure that your noisy pipes are correctly diagnosed. They can also repair the issue to ensure that your plumbing system is safe. Routine plumbing inspections can help reduce the chances of you having issues with your pipes. 

For more information, reach out to a plumbing contractor near you.

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