Common Issues With Ductless AC Systems

Common Issues With Ductless AC Systems

Common Issues With Ductless AC Systems

5 June 2020
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Ductless AC systems, also called mini-split systems, are becoming more and more popular due to their ease of installation and efficient cooling. Although these air conditioning systems work well, they are not completely immune to breaking down. Know the common issues that can affect a ductless AC so you can spot problems early.

Refrigerant & Condensate Leaks

The air handler inside your home is connected to the compressor outside of your home via a power cord, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line (the line that transports condensation outside to drain safely away from your home). Occasionally, these lines can leak inside your home. If you have a refrigerant leak, you will likely notice right away because the unit will start cooling poorly, and it may freeze. Condensate leaks can be less obvious until water damage starts to occur, such as mildew growth, wet wallboards, or bubbling and peeling paint on the walls. Replacing the lines and recharging refrigerant fixes the problem.

Air Handler Motor Malfunction

The air handlers inside your home each have a blower motor inside of them that is designed to circulate the cool air throughout the room. If the motor malfunctions, air will not circulate and you will likely notice the temperature rising in your home and lack of airflow out of the handler. Air handlers are typically very quiet, so if you notice noises like squealing or rattling, or if there are any vibrations from the handler, there is likely an issue with one of the blower motor components. Prompt repair can solve the issue before the handler completely stops functioning.

Compressor Failure

The compressor is the outside part of a ductless AC system. It is usually located on an exterior wall. Some homes have only one compressor, while others may have two or more compressors depending on the size of the system. The compressor contains a fan as well as the greatest portion of the refrigerant lines since this is where the air is cooled before it is circulated to your home. Noises or vibrations from the compressor can indicate issues with the fan. The motor or bearings may require replacement, or the fan may simply need to be cleaned out and lubricated. Refrigerant leaks inside the compressor can also be a problem, which can lead to poor cooling inside.

Contact an AC repair service if you suspect any issues with your ductless AC system.

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