What Does It Mean If Flushing Your Toilet Causes Your Tub To Back Up?

What Does It Mean If Flushing Your Toilet Causes Your Tub To Back Up?

What Does It Mean If Flushing Your Toilet Causes Your Tub To Back Up?

7 May 2020
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If you've been through this problem, you already know the horror of flushing your toilet only to hear horrible gurgling noises coming from your tub, followed by the arrival of fresh sewage. Unfortunately, this is a problem that many people face, and often they don't understand what's behind it. If this sounds like what you're going through, then read this guide to find out what's behind this phenomenon.

You Have a Clog

There's no two ways about it: you definitely have a clog somewhere in your plumbing. Chances are that it isn't a clog that's actually in or just past your toilet, however. If it were, your toilet wouldn't be able to flush at all. Instead, it's likely that the clog is in one of two places.

To be clear, your bathtub and the toilet likely share a single pipe that leads out to the sewer line. So when a clog develops past the toilet and tub, but in this pipe, the toilet may have enough space in the pipe to flush partway. But once it reaches the clog, whatever you just pushed down the toilet will be forced into any opening available, which may mean it coming back up through your tub.

It May Be Outside

As for the second possibility, your clog may actually be located outdoors. This is a common problem and is more likely if you're experiencing issues with the plumbing in the rest of your house, too, like if you're hearing gurgling from a sink after using your dishwasher or washing machine.

In this case, the clog is likely in the sewer line that carries away waste from your home to the sewer directly. The same principle applies: whatever you're flushing goes down the pipe until it reaches the clog, at which point there's too much fluid that can't go anywhere else, so it comes up the nearest pipe instead.

Getting Help

Solving a problem like this is beyond the average homeowner unless you're a plumber yourself. You're going to need to contact a plumber for help.

Your plumber will run a camera down your drains to figure out where the clog is. Once the clog is found, they can break it up with a mechanical snake or hydro jetting, depending upon where the clog is located. This will break up and wash away the clog, ensuring that your plumbing gets back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact a company that offers plumbing services to learn more.

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