Reporting Plumbing Leaks In Concord, CA, So That The Correct Plumbing Services Can Fix Them

Reporting Plumbing Leaks In Concord, CA, So That The Correct Plumbing Services Can Fix Them

Reporting Plumbing Leaks In Concord, CA, So That The Correct Plumbing Services Can Fix Them

30 June 2019
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Concord, California, is nestled about halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento. It gains most of its water through tributaries, and utilizes a treatment facility to provide the rest of the clean water to the city. There are a number of public places that use water, either for drinking fountains or for for fountains and splash pads. Most of the homes not only use water for indoor plumbing, but also for outdoor irrigation.

All of this water usage leads to a lot of plumbing. The plumbing is both public and private, but where the plumbing is located does not stop leaks from occurring. If you see leaks, there are actually a series of regulations set up to manage these leaks. The regulations fall under the city's "Drought Management Plan," and you need to follow this closely so that the correct plumbing services may be called for repairs. If you are just visiting the city, or you are moving here, here is what you need to know about drought management and plumbing services in Concord, CA

Bottled Water Is on the Rise Because Ordinances Require a Reduction in Drinking Water

An expected drought lasting "x" number of days is predicted for each calendar year. The city attempts to meet the drought head on by reducing the amount of drinking water you can take from both public and private taps. If you see public drinking fountains still working, report it to the city's water department. If the drinking fountains are just dripping a steady stream but do not actually project an arc of water when buttons or levers are depressed, you should report that as well so that the city can get its own commercial plumbers out there to stop the leaks and conserve the water. 

Noticing Water Leaks on Private Property

Maybe you have neighbors that are not home much in the summer months. Maybe you notice a leak that they themselves do not know about. Whatever the case, you are required to report it, and it is also a good idea to alert your neighbor. The city's reporting commission is likely to send that neighbor a notice requesting that the leak be repaired immediately. If your neighbors are not at home, and they have to fix the leak, they may hire a plumber from the area and then ask that you or another neighbor be present while the repairs are made.

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