4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips To End Headaches With Leaking Kitchen Sinks

4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips To End Headaches With Leaking Kitchen Sinks

4 Plumbing Maintenance Tips To End Headaches With Leaking Kitchen Sinks

28 August 2018
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There is a lot of different plumbing maintenance that you need to do in your home. In the kitchen, the sink can leak and cause serious water damage. It may sometimes be difficult to find the cause of these problems in order to repair the leaks. Here are some maintenance tips that will help you deal with leaking kitchen sinks to end your headaches:

1. Routinely Cleaning Clogs from Drains That Cause Problems

The kitchen is an area of your home in which you do a lot of cooking, which also means that there is a lot of grease and fat that gets washed down the drain. To avoid problems with clogged drain lines and leaks that will develop later, routinely clean the kitchen sink with simple solutions like boiling water or natural drain-cleaning recipes like baking soda and vinegar.

2. Prevent Water Damage by Using Rubber Mats Beneath the Sink 

One of the areas where water can be an issue in your home is beneath the kitchen sink. This is often an area with wood cabinetry and other woodwork beneath the plumbing. To ensure you do not have problems with water damage, use a rubber mat beneath the plumbing in this area of your kitchen. Protect these materials to avoid serious problems with water damage. The mold that can develop when leaks go unnoticed for a long period of time quickly turns into costly repairs.

3. Replacing Sealant Tape on Lines That Have Begun to Leak Beneath Sinks

The water lines in your kitchen have connections that use a special sealant tape for plumbing. Over time, this tape can begin to wear, and leaks can develop where water lines supply water to faucets or appliances in your kitchen. If you notice minor leaks or condensation in this area, it is a good idea to replace the Teflon tape on these fittings to ensure they are well-sealed and not causing problems. For water lines that have condensation on them, add insulation to prevent this moisture from causing mold and water damage.

4. Professionally-Installed Sink Traps That Are Leak-Free and Reliable

The drain beneath your sink is an area where a plumbing trap is installed, which is meant to prevent sewer gases from coming up through the drains and debris from getting deep inside sewer lines, causing damage. There are kits that you can install to repair the problem with sink traps, but these are only temporary solutions. For a more permanent solution to prevent problems with the traps beneath your sink, it is best to have these plumbing components installed professionally to ensure they are reliable and will not leak in the near future.

These plumbing maintenance tips will end your headaches from dealing with leaking kitchen sinks. If you need help with repairs, contact a plumbing professional to ensure that your kitchen sink does not continue to leak. For more information, you can contact companies like Rapid First Plumbing.

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