Drain Cleaning And Care Tips

Drain Cleaning And Care Tips

Drain Cleaning And Care Tips

8 August 2018
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When drain problems arise with your plumbing, there are many different complications, disruptions and inconveniences that could result. While homeowners will often assume that addressing clogged drains will be a cumbersome task, it may not be as difficult as is assumed.

Take Steps To Physically Remove The Clog

Many clogs will form fairly close to the opening of the drain. This can make removing them with a drain snake a simple task. If you do not have a drain snake, you may be able to achieve similar results with a wire coat hanger. When using this option, you will need to be particularly careful to avoid getting the coat hanger stuck in the pipe.  

Loosen And Flush Any Residue That Could Contribute To Clogs

A sticky film will often form along the interior of your pipes. This film can trap various types of debris, which can lead to blockages. Flushing this residue from the pipes can be done by heating a pot of water and pouring it down the drain. The water should not be boiling as this could damage the pipes, but it should be extremely hot and on the verge of boiling. After pouring the hot water down the drain, you should turn on the faucet to help flush any residue that was loosened. This should be repeated numerous times.

Deodorize Your Drain After Removing The Clog

Clogs can often leave behind foul smells in your drains. This is due to the clog decomposing and serving as home for odor producing bacteria. Failing to deodorize the drain can allow these smells to start to become noticeable in the room. Commercially available drain deodorizing products are available, but they can be fairly expensive. A cup of apple cider vinegar can be enough to neutralize these odors while also killing many of the bacteria that may be causing them. Some people may attempt to use bleach to neutralize these smells, but this can be highly corrosive to the pipes.

Limit The Amount Of Debris That Can Enter The Drain

It is easy to underestimate the problems that can be caused by the small pieces of debris that can enter the drains. For example, homeowners often assume that hair will not be a major problem due to it being small enough to flow through the pipes. However, the hair can get caught in the pipes, which can lead to a clump forming. There are a variety of drain guards and screens that can be used to intercept these materials, and you should have one of these placed on every drain in the home. 

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