Why Do You Need A Plumber For Your Exterior Drains?

Why Do You Need A Plumber For Your Exterior Drains?

Why Do You Need A Plumber For Your Exterior Drains?

19 July 2018
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You already know that a plumber such as Ez Flow Plumbing can help your home's indoor system flow smoothly, without clogs, leaks or any other problems. But what about outdoor issues? If you have a patio drain, a driveway drain or another drain that carries water away from your yard, you could have an exterior incident. That is, if your plumbing isn't well-maintained.

What do you need to know about preventing and repairing a blocked outdoor drain? Take a look at what homeowners can do to help themselves, their drains and their home.

Leaf Litter

The fall is a common time for outdoor drain clogs. Between the fallen leaves and left over plant debris from the summer, your home's exterior has plenty of debris littering it. As the rain waters wash the leaves and other debris away, they can easily accumulate on your walkway, patio or driveway drain.

If you don't promptly clear the leaf litter from the drain area, or you have a faulty drain cap/cover, the debris can end up inside of your home's exterior plumbing. Mounds of leaves or leaves that are stuck together with mud and muck can clog the pipe and cause a back-up that floods your yard.

The easiest way to prevent this problem is to rake and dispose of the leaves and remaining litter. Along with this preventative measure, make sure that the drain strainer cover is intact and works properly. If you can't keep the debris out of the drain, contact a qualified plumbing contractor to unclog the pipe. Never attempt to put anything down the drain to clear it, including chemical cleansers.

Animal Issues

Mice and other small rodents can crawl through a broken drain cover, making their way into your exterior plumbing. An animal that gets stuck or builds a nest in your pipes will eventually block the opening, causing a not-so-pleasant smelling clog that you'll need a plumbing pro to remove.

Again, inspect your outdoor drain covers often. If the cover is missing, cracked or chipped, replace it immediately.

Construction Trouble

Are you working on an exterior home improvement project? While it's tempting for homeowners to pour extra paint, plaster or other materials down the exterior drain, these substances aren't made for a home's plumbing system.

Construction materials can quickly clog an outside drain, leading to serious trouble. Avoid dumping anything other than plain water down the drain. If you do accidentally wash construction debris down the drain, watch for back-ups. A plumber can remove the clog and get your drain flowing again.

Plumbers aren't indoor contractors only. Exterior drains need attention to. While clog prevention is a priority, a professional plumbing expert can repair leaf, critter or construction debris-filled drains in your outdoor or yard area.

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