Common Causes Of AC Fan Failures

Common Causes Of AC Fan Failures

Common Causes Of AC Fan Failures

1 March 2018
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The air conditioner fan is crucial to your home comfort because it contributes to efficient air circulation in the system. This is why you need to be aware of the potential causes of your AC fan failure so that you can preempt them. Here are some reasons your AC fan may fail:

Physical Damage

The aerodynamic design of the fan blades ensures that they move the maximum volume of air with minimal effort, which ensures their efficiency. Anything that interferes with the shape of the fan blades interferes with their movement of air and affects their efficiency.

Physical damage to the fan blades is one of the things that can change the shape of the fans. This may occur, for example, if the fans are hit by gravel, falling tree branches or rocks. In some cases, the fan blades may even begin to scrape the sides of the casing, a noisy occurrence that may result in further damage.

Failed Capacitor

The fan motor, which converts the electrical power into mechanical power for the fan, requires a rather large amount of electricity to start. This high voltage is provided by the capacitor, an electrical device for storing a high amount of electrical charges. This means a malfunction of the capacitor will result in the failure of the fan motor to start, and the fan won't run. This may be the case, for example, if high current electricity overloads the capacitor and causes it to fail.

Motor Failure

As previously described, it is the motor that converts the electricity your AC draws into mechanical power that can rotate the fan. This means anything that affects the operation of the motor will affect the rotation of the fan. For example, mechanical damage of the fan motor (for example, if it is damaged by falling debris in a storm), excessive wear and tear and even burnt out electrical wiring can result in fan motor damage, which will affect the fan.

Electrical Malfunction

You have seen by now that electricity plays a big role in the operation of the fan; it is the electrical power that is converted into mechanical energy for rotating the fan blades. This means your fan blades won't be rotating if the system suffers electrical failure, for example, if a power surge fries up the wires delivering electricity to the motor.

AC fan failure is one of the problems that you should let a professional technician handle. Hopefully, you won't be experiencing AC fan failure any time soon, but if it does happen, let a professional technician at businesses like H.R. Stewart Inc. diagnose and fix it.

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