Plumbing Changes And Chores For Your New Home

Plumbing Changes And Chores For Your New Home

Plumbing Changes And Chores For Your New Home

27 February 2018
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When you buy a new home for you and your family, there will more than likely be little things here and there that you will want to change, so they will be more to your liking. One of the areas a lot of new home owners tend to want to change is the plumbing situation. This article will offer you some advice on different things about a home's plumbing you may want to update when you take possession of it:

You may want to change out the toilet

In most cases, new home owners find the current toilet meets their needs just fine, as long as it isn't old and ready for replacement naturally. However, in some cases, you may move into a home that has a comfort height toilet. This is a toilet that is a bit taller than most, and it is generally put in households with very tall individuals or in households where there is someone with mobility issues. If neither situation applies to you, you may want to change out the toilets for the standard height.

Swap out your shower head

If you aren't happy with the shower heads that are currently in one or more of the showers in your new home, then you can very easily swap them out with brand new ones of your choosing. You can put in a shower head that has different pulse options, so you can enjoy a bit of a massage while you are in the shower. Use a low pulse when you have a sunburn, or use a high pulse when you have aching muscles.

Swap out cheap sink faucets

If you notice that the kitchen and/or bathroom faucets in the home you have just moved in are made of a cheaper material, or they look as if they don't have much life left in them, then you can purchase new ones. By simply following the installation directions on the package, you can put the faucet in yourself.

You may want to have the sewer jetted

You may want to have a plumber come out to sewer jet your plumbing system. Sewer jetting is a way of cleaning the sewer pipes out using a high-pressure water system. This will allow you to move into your home knowing that the system has been freshly cleaned out for you, which will reduce your risks of running into issues along the way due to clogs.

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