Reasons Your Water Pressure May Be Suffering

Reasons Your Water Pressure May Be Suffering

Reasons Your Water Pressure May Be Suffering

26 February 2018
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Water pressure issues can be highly frustrating, especially if they are affecting the quality of your shower or your ability to use your sink faucets effectively. One important thing to do is try to narrow down the cause of the pressure issues, to determine whether the problem is coming from inside your house or is an issue with the municipal water supply. The following guide can help.

How many faucets are affected?

If only one faucet is affected by low pressure issues, then you know the problem is definitely happening inside the home, so you will be able to do some DIY faucet repair. The same is true if it is a set of faucets, such as all the faucets on the upper level or all of those in the bathroom. If every faucet is suffering from poor pressure and you are on municipal service, then the problem could be with the service. Ask your neighbors if they are having pressure issues. If so, contact the municipal water service to lodge a complaint.

Are you on well water?

If you have a private well and all the faucets have low pressure, then the problem is likely stemming from the well. It could be either a failing well pump or a failing pressure regulator. Fortunately, both are easy fixes for a plumber. They will be able to test both the pump and the regulator to determine the cause. In some cases, they can repair the culprit, while in others, a full replacement may be necessary.

Is a section of the home's plumbing affected?

When multiple faucets are affected but they are all on the same main plumbing pipe, you may have a leak in a water supply line or a pressure regulator on a diverter pipe could have broken. This is likely the case when the faucets are close or connected, such as in a single room or single floor of the home. If you haven't noticed signs of leakage—musty smells, damp walls or carpets, or visible mildew— then a failed regulator is a likely cause. A replacement will solve the problem.

Has only a single faucet been affected?

When only one faucet is affected, then the problem is often much easier to address. The most common cause is that the aerator screen has become blocked. This is most common in areas with hard water. You can remove the faucet tip, and replace the screen to solve the issue. If this isn't the problem, then a leaking water line near the faucet or a poor seal between the faucet and the water line is the likely cause, which a plumber can address.

For more help, contact a plumbing service in your area.

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