Options For Addressing Clogged Drains

Options For Addressing Clogged Drains

Options For Addressing Clogged Drains

21 February 2018
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Addressing clogged drains is something that most people will find that they need to do at some point. While clogged drains can be immensely disruptive problems to encounter, individuals are often poorly informed about their options for clearing these clogs.

Hot Water

It may seem strange that flushing the drain with hot water can help to remove clogs. However, many clogs form due to a sticky residue forming along the interior of the pipes. This residue can hold various pieces of debris in place, which can block the flow of water. When you flush the pipes with hot water, you can help to dissolve these residues so that the clogs will be able to move through the pipe. During this process, you will want to use water that is slightly below the boiling point. This will be hot enough to loosen these residues without being hot enough to melt or otherwise damage the pipes and seals.

Drain Snake

A drain snake can be a great device to own as it will allow you to easily reach and break up most of the clogs that may form in your plumbing system. This type of device will work by being able to be inserted into the pipes so that its sharp point can be used to puncture and break up thick or otherwise stubborn clogs. After each use of the drain snake, you should thoroughly rinse it and sanitize it as it may come into contact with a large number of bacteria while in your plumbing pipes.

Chemical Clog Removers

Unfortunately, there will be some clogs that will not be able to be addressed with hot water or drain snakes. Often, these clogs will be out of reach for the drain snake or too thick for the water to break up. These situations may require the use of chemical clog removers, and while these substances can be effective in breaking up the clogs, they can be extremely damaging to the pipes. This is due to the fact that these chemicals are often highly acidic, which can corrode the pipes and weaken the seals. When using these substances becomes unavoidable, you will want to thoroughly flush the pipes as soon as possible. This will rinse out any excess clog remover that may be left behind. This will minimize the amount of contact time between the chemical and your plumbing components, which may greatly reduce the risk of the plumbing becoming damaged. 

Contact a drain cleaning service for more help.

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