Non-Obvious Signs Of An Underground Water Leak

Non-Obvious Signs Of An Underground Water Leak

Non-Obvious Signs Of An Underground Water Leak

21 February 2018
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If you have a leak in one of the water pipes located in your house, then plenty of obvious signs may appear. However, this may not always be the case when an outdoor, underground leak is detected. In fact, you may not make a connection at all between the leak and the signs. Keep reading to learn more information about a few of them that may not be immediately apparent.

Brown Grass

In many cases, a leak in an outdoor water line will cause the ground to become drenched in the area closest to the leak. Soggy and green grass is an obvious sign of a leak due to the increase in the water that penetrates the soil. However, you are likely to see some patches of brown and dried grass as well, especially if you have a sprinkler system. 

Sprinkler systems are made to irrigate your property under specific conditions. Typically, the system requires 30 PSI to operate effectively. Most homes and businesses have an average water pressure between 30 and 50 PSI. But, if an underground water line forms a leak, the pressure is likely to drop. Lower pressure means that there is not enough force to spray the water as far, and thus, portions of your lawn are no longer watered properly. 

You may also notice a reduction in water pressure when using your hose and also when using an outdoor water feature. Also, if only some of your sprinklers work, then there is a good chance that there is not enough pressure to move water to the farthest sprinklers. The last few sprinklers attached on the end of the line will then drip or release no water at all.

Driveway Potholes

The vast majority of asphalt and concrete driveways are constructed with a thick layer of gravel along the base. This base is meant to create a sturdy surface the driveway. It also allows for the flow of water underneath the structure. Large pieces of gravel with big openings in between allows more water to flow through. However, when large volumes of water flow underneath the driveway, like when a water line is punctured, then the water volume can displace some of the rocks, cause compression of the soil, or place pressure on the driveway.

The disruption due to the water can cause heaving issues and potholes to form. In addition, if the leak occurs in the winter, the water will freeze. This expanding water places stress on the driveway that causes fairly extensive heaving. 

If you want to know more about underground water leaks and leak detection practices to find these leaks, speak with a plumber today. 

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