Central Air Conditioners & Preventative Maintenance

Central Air Conditioners & Preventative Maintenance

Central Air Conditioners & Preventative Maintenance

21 February 2018
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Are you never able to immediately use your central air conditioning system during the hot months because it is always in need of repairs first? In order to stop spending money on so many repairs, the best thing to do is to ensure that occasional maintenance is done. If you only use the system during a few months out of the year, some of the parts might not function properly from rust or debris accumulating on them. By getting some of the important system parts inspected throughout each year, you can avoid numerous problems from developing. Browse this article for a list of central air conditioning system parts that might function better with occasional maintenance.

The Thermostat Assembly

It is a good idea to hire an HVAC technician to inspect the internal and external parts of the thermostat every now and then. The thermostat is actually one of the most vital parts, as it has the power to turn the system on and off. The thermostat must also be able to set temperatures that are accurate, especially if you are concerned about the system running in an efficient manner. Ensure that the buttons or switch that gives you to control the thermostat are in good shape. You should also ask the technician to check the movement of the needle to ensure that it does malfunction when temperatures are set.

Air Ducts & Coils

Air ducts are important and must receive preventative air conditioning maintenance to remain functional without frequent repairs. The reason why is because it is possible for the ducts to develop cracks or come apart at the joints and allow air to seep out. Another thing that can have a bad effect on the ducts is dirt, as it can crate a blockage of air. There are also system coils that require occasional attention from a technician. The coils should be inspected for damage and an accumulation of dirt.

Parts Inside of the Air Handler

The air handler to the system plays an important role in the level of coolness that you are able to enjoy. The reason why is because the handler is the part of the system that contains a fan and motor. Damaged parts in the handler can lead to you receiving only a small amount of air, or none will flow through the system at all. A technician can check the motor and fan on occasion to make sure they are working right. If the fan malfunctions, it can be a sign that the motor is going out and a replacement part is needed.

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