Four Signs Your Septic Tank Is Being Problematic

Four Signs Your Septic Tank Is Being Problematic

Four Signs Your Septic Tank Is Being Problematic

20 February 2018
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As a homeowner with a septic tank system in place, it's important that you take notice of times when it might need to be inspected outside of the regularly scheduled inspection dates. Here are four signs your septic tank system is being problematic and needs these unscheduled inspections:

  1. Draining is Slow: If you notice that the sinks or showers are draining at a much slower pace, then there might be a need to pump the septic tank sooner than you thought you would have to. There could be a blockage that needs to be cleared out too, which a septic tank expert can do for you. Attempting to clean out your drains on your own is not recommended simply because drain cleaners have too many chemicals that can change the balance of healthy bacteria in the septic tank, which is needed to properly break down solids. 
  2. Smelling Bad: Bad smells coming from the septic tank is another issue that indicates your septic tank is probably too full and needs to be drained. The bad smells can be dangerous for your health, especially if it's happening every time you use a plumbing fixture in your home. There could even be a problem with the manholes not being secured enough, which will need to be fixed right away to prevent the sewage causes from being harmful in your home. 
  3. Water Pooling: Any signs of water pooling, especially around the septic tank itself is an indication that pumping is needed, as well. Be sure that you take note of possible pooling water so you know when the professionals need to be called in. Even if you aren't sure whether or not the water is coming from the plumbing system itself, it's still worth it to get an inspection. 
  4. Water Backup: Finally, water backup needs to be checked on by the professionals right away rather than done away with a plunger. Septic tanks are fragile systems and any water backup can indicate that the septic tank needs to be pumped. 

When you take note of any of these four signs, you can be better about caring for the sensitive septic tank system that makes up your home's plumbing. Doing so can lead to huge cost savings because it prevents the need for more extreme repairs and guarantees that the lifespan of the septic tank system is going to be much longer, so replacement is prolonged. 

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