Keeping Your Building Open For Business During Construction: Four Things To Consider

Keeping Your Building Open For Business During Construction: Four Things To Consider

Keeping Your Building Open For Business During Construction: Four Things To Consider

19 February 2018
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Whether you are remodeling your offices or adding a new addition to the building, having your property under construction doesn't mean you have to close your doors. You can keep your business open during construction with a bit of preparation. Here are some steps to take to ensure your business is open and accessible during renovations.

Set Flexible Work Hours

Your contractors should be willing to work with you to find a work schedule that meets your needs. You may want to wait to start work each day until your employees have clocked in and gotten settled, and you may want to consider having work stop before your staff leaves for the day. If possible, consider scheduling work on the weekends, but ask about how much this will add to the overall cost of the project. You may have to pay extra for evening and weekend work.

Rent Portable Toilet Trailers

If your restrooms will be under construction or inaccessible, you'll still need to provide restroom facilities for your staff and customers. Consider renting portable toilets, which can be situated just outside of the building. These trailers come with running water, flushing toilets, and a host of other amenities you might find in any other traditional bathroom. This makes the idea of using a portable toilet while at work a bit more appealing. The trailers also add some extra convenience for your contractors as well, making them a beneficial addition to your construction plan.

Consider An Office Trailer

Another option for keeping your offices open during construction is to rent an office trailer. Office trailers feature usable work spaces, internet connections, and other office essentials, and they can be great for when the renovations in your building are too close to your staff's main work area. You may only need the trailer for a portion of the construction project, but it can provide a quiet, professional area for your staff to work in. If you operate a call center, this option can provide the quiet background needed to field customer calls.

Have Signs Printed

If your business deals directly with the public, it's a good idea to have signs printed that let customers know you are still open for business. Consider having large vinyl signs printed that can cover a portion of the building's exterior, and use smaller signs throughout the parking lot to indicate where the parking and entrance will be located during construction.

Work with your contractor to strike the perfect balance between work and construction so you can keep your business open and productive during your renovations.

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