3 Things That Can Cause Your Boiler To Leak Water

3 Things That Can Cause Your Boiler To Leak Water

3 Things That Can Cause Your Boiler To Leak Water

16 February 2018
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There are a lot of things to love about a boiler when it comes to home heat. However, if your boiler begins to leak water, things can become messy really fast. If you have noticed that your boiler is leaking water, you could be wondering what is causing the problem. Of course, there are actually a few things that can cause this issue. These are some of the most common causes.

1. Rust

Did you know that rust can become a problem with boilers? This can particularly be an issue with older boilers. Basically, as time goes on, the water can begin to cause the metal to corrode. As this happens, the metal can become compromised. Because of this, it is always a good idea to look out for rust on your boiler; as soon as you notice even a small amount, you should call a professional to come look at the problem. Otherwise, the corroded metal could become completely damaged, and water could begin leaking as a result.

2. Faulty or Worn-Out Parts

There are various parts that cause your boiler to work, and if any of them fail or become worn out, this could cause leaks. For example, if something goes wrong with the pressure valve, then you have to worry about the pressure in the boiler not being regulated properly, which could lead to a leak. Some parts can also just become worn out over time, such as the seals. If this happens, then the seals will not be able to do their job of preventing water leaks properly, and you can end up with a mess. To prevent leaking in the first place, it's a good idea to have your boiler looked at regularly by a professional. Then, you can have parts replaced as they begin to wear out or malfunction. If your boiler is already leaking, then it's extra important to call a professional as soon as possible to come and take a look at your boiler and replace any faulty or worn-out parts.

3. Improper Installation

The two problems listed above are more typical with older boilers. If you have a newer boiler that is leaking, then you could be truly confused about the problem. If your boiler is new and is leaking, there is a very good chance that it was not installed properly; for example the pipes that run through your house might not have been secured properly. If this is the case, then you may want to contact the company that installed your boiler to have the problem remedied immediately.

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